I think I know how this guy feels

Taken from defective yeti. Great blog from a funny manwho lives in Seattle. Oh yeah, and he's smart.

Here's another bit from his blog:

"Some of you younger kids might not remember this, but there was a time in America when people acted stupid for free! It's true, they just gave it away! People acted like utter dopeity dopes and never received a penny in compensation. But then someone figured out that acting stupid could net you a fortune, by, say, pretending like you were honestly and completely unaware that eating fattening foods would cause you to become fat, or claiming that you thought cigarette warnings only applied to other people. Now stupidism accounts for over 13% of America's economy, and this clever exploitation of a previously free resource is exactly the kind of Horatio Alger-esque ingenuity that makes America great."

I could read stuff like this all day.


  1. if you're having problems reading the print in the parental satisfaction survey, go to http://www.defectiveyeti.com/archives/001605.html

  2. Missed my chance again!!! I should have pattented stupidity while I had the chance! Thank you for shedding light on many a thing such as warning labels applying only to others. And to think I actually paid attention to some of them, like the one that say's "Warning, Iron hot when turned on."

  3. Wow Nic, how cynical... but then again, I don't have any kids. But, blessings upon you.