I'm so mean

As a general rule, I wake up long before my wife does. I'm not much of a morning person, however, the precious time I have while Bekah's still asleep in bed is well used. I watch the news for a little (probably the only chance I'll have to do so all day) catch the weather forecast to help decide what I want to wear that day, and try and center myself before I go to work.

Well, this morning, Bekah needed to wake up early and get out about the same time I did. I got up with the alarm and let her sleep through a couple pushes of the snooze button so that I could still get my ME time. Power on the TV in time for non stop coverage of the bombs in London's transit system.

The time comes when I have to wake up my wife, and she's usually difficult to wake up. So, I crawl back into bed with her and as she starts to stir I say "There's been another terrorist attack." I pause as her eyes snap WIDE open then continue. "In London."

It worked.

Seriously though, this morning's attacks to our British neighbors are cruel and tragic. My deepest sympathies go to the families who lost a loved one in those London blasts. As the UK mourned with us after 9/11, we owe them our regards.

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  1. yup....terrorist attacks'll do it every time. Where were you when you found out about 9/11.....that could be a great post, I imagine. I'll save my response for the anniversary.