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If you haven't noticed all ready (I am not making the assumption that your intelligence is the equivalent of a brain damaged sewer rat, please don't take it that way) I've made some changes with this blog's format.

Well, the template didn't change. I'm a black and grey kind of guy, and grey is my favorite colour. But, there are some additions to the side bar at your right.

First up... Tunes. This is basically a track listing from my MP3 player. Well, a short list, it's the songs I listened to on my way to work. So, if your interested in knowing what fills my earphones for twenty minutes a day (and I'm sure you don't) it is now available for your reading enjoyment. Someday I might make this section a little more interactive, but until then I'll be thinking about joining procrastinators anonymous.

The links section hasn't changed much except I've added a link to Redmark's website. Talk about procrastination... I've been meaning to do that since Halloween. On a side note, Redmark is in India touring with Luis Palau through February 6th. So if you know (or know of) Drew, Dan, Zach, and their crew, please keep them in your prayers.

Also new... Idiot Box, Silver Screen, and Written Word.

Idiot Box is dedicated to television enjoyment. All of the links go to the show's official website and some of the sites are fairly entertaining. I.E. The Monk Website features a phobia of the day; today's fear is heresyphobia: a fear of challenges to or radical deviation of official doctrine.

Silver Screen highlights the last movie I saw in theaters. Unfortunately, this section will not be updated as often as I would like. Bekah and I don't get out much.

Finally, Written Word. Written Word is for my fellow literary enthusiasts, where you can see what I am currently reading with a link for info about the book and author.

Moving on. Irony. I remember my dad once said that one of his greatest regrets was not encouraging music in his household while Aaron and I were growing up. I find it funny that from a house where music was not "encouraged" my father raised two boys with a passion for music.

Aaron sang in choir throughout school and is now a concert promoter. Most of my friends in high school and even in the years following school were musicians. Some of my fondest memories involve friends and guitars. I've been in a couple bands and have done promotion, booking, and management for other bands. I dream of one day running my own recording studio. As for my own household, I want Christian to grow up surrounded by music.

Dad, you say you wished you encouraged or focused more on music. I think you did just fine.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words, but I cannot help but wonder where both of you would have been with more emphasis and knowledge. Oh well, it looks like God did wonderful in making up the gaps.