Everybody freaks out when I wear a tie to work, I do not understand why. Our company dress code is business professional, though most come to work dressed business casual. And some show up shouldn't be allowed out in public casual or I'm ready for bed casual.

Unfortunately pajamas, beach wear, and Marylin Manson outfits are common place here. Sometimes I really wish HR would enforce the dress code. Personally I do try to look as professional as possible, but that doesn't always mean I'm wearing a tie.

Yet, when I do wear a tie people start preparing for Armageddon massive. Fear and loathing consumes those that see me on a daily basis.

Then they start asking questions.

"D'you got an interview today?"
"Up for a promotion?"
"Is some one getting fired?"
"Do we have cooperate visitors?"
"Am I in trouble?"
"Going to a wedding later?"
"Who died?"

WHAT!?! Am I not allowed to dress up every now and then? It's not like my normal attire consists of holey jeans and threadbare t-shirts and the shirt and tie is a rare deviance of previously set standards.

The crazy thing is: I try to wear a tie at least twice a week. And yes... people here freak out at least twice a week.


  1. And I need you to put a cover on that TPS report, that'd be greaaaaatt..

  2. Where's my "I hate stupid questions from stupid people" Tshirt? Oh well, at least you aren't the only priviledged enough to be blessed with such nonsensical pointless questions.

  3. maybe you need a tee shirt with a tie painted on it? i think wearing something to look better than your students gives you a stigma of authority (hint---you might need it some times--lol)