two much cool for one day


Bekah and I periodically eat dinner at her parents place, and last night was one of those occasions.

If Italian food is being served and garlic bread is required, Bekah makes it. However last night Bekah and I were halfway to Spokane when the food was being prepared and Bekah's mom called for instructions: how do you make garlic bread?

Cut the bread lengthwise, in half. Melt a cube of butter, mix in granulated garlic and Italian seasoning. If you don't have Italian seasoning, use parsley and basil. Spoon the butter mixture onto the bread. Bake.

Dinner was wonderful, but the bread had no flavor. My father-in-law even lamented the lack of garlicishness. Mom's explanation was she used garlic but she must not have used enough. As dinner finished, Dad stood up to leave and noticed something out of place.

"Why are the sesame seeds out?" he asks. Apparently, the reason the garlic bread did not taste like garlic was caused by a liberal use of sesame seeds instead of granulated garlic.


One the way home Bekah and I encountered a rather bizarre accident. It was one of those sites that make you wish you had taken a picture because no one will believe you when you tell them what you saw.

The accident was most likely caused by someone who had drank a little too much. It was enough to require response from two police units, an EMT, fire truck, and two tow trucks for one car. All the commotion blocked the road to all southbound traffic on Ramsey, forcing us to take a detour to the freeway.

I didn't think it was possible but the car, a station wagon, had driven up the aerial drop of one of the utility lines. The car came to a stop at about a 70 degree angle, back bumper resting on the sidewalk, perfectly balanced on the cable. Who knew those phone wires were SO strong.

I don't know how it happened but I wish I was there to see it happen.

one more for good measure

We found an entertaining way to play Scategories. Instead of picking a list and everybody thinks up words from the same list, you pick a list and everyone thinks of words from a different lists... as long as it is not the list picked at the beginning of the round. When time runs out, everyone compares their wrong answers to the correct list and see who can come the closest to being coherent.

I apologize if that sounds confusing, but that is the best explination I can think of right now. If you're like me and you suck at Scategories, give this version a try. It is an entertaining spin and who knows... you might fare better.


  1. I will definately have to try that variation on Scattergories! It sounds entertainig. The sesame seeds sounds histerical... I can so imagine that whole scene. :) Thanks for the laughs!

  2. Garlic Bread!!! Have I got a story for you on that one.

    So, meeting some of Janda's parents friends, mother in-law made spaghetti and garlic bread. Well, instead of a light dusting of garlic salt (enought to taste) she was...well...should I say...liberal dosing of salt was used. Now, trying to be polite, all of us tried to eat the bread. About 2 bites into my bread, I politely put it down and continued eating. I then began observing everyone else at the table doing that very same thing (eat 2-3 bites and put the bread down). Janda even stopped eating the bread. Father in-law stopped eating the bread. Then, without warning, mother in-law noticed that none of us were eating the bread (of which she was on her third piece) and asked, "How come no one is eating the garlic bread? Is there something wrong with it?" Janda stated that it was overly salty and that even she could not eat it. After a few other comments, this last one flew out of the cooks mouth (causing us to laugh hysterically and wonder what she was thinking), "Well I didn't know how much I was putting on, the salt blended in with the butter. I couldn't tell that any was getting on the bread let alone how much was on there."

    Now, imagine the looks and tears shed over that statement and I think that will be the look your father in-law had when he noticed the sesame seeds on the counter.

  3. Anonymous1:47 PM

    you write about garlic bread? cool dude