He's two... (finally)

Today is Christian's second birthday. We're throwing a party for him. Last year, he had one friend come over. This year it's two. Gee, I can't wait till he's 12.

For those of you who can't be here, wish him a happy b-day. If you post a comment for him, I'll make sure to read them to him. (Though, I might wait until he brings home his first girlfriend, but I will read it to him.)


  1. Happy Birthday Christian! Your grandma and I both want to see that girlfriend of yours. We love you.

  2. Happy Birthdy Christian!! Uncle Charles and Aunt Iona wish you a very happy birthday. Your great-grandma Casey had to remind me it was today. Hope you had a great day with no surprises for your parents. God Bless You. We love you.

  3. Happy belated B-Day Christian. So your Aunt Janda knows what she's getting you for the occasion. As for me, I know why your smiling - it's because your leaving a present for the next person to sit in that chair your in. See, it is better to give than receive.

    Love ya kiddo! From all of us in Cheyenne!