The Crisco Kid strikes again!

Christian gave Bekah and me an early Christmas surprise this morning. The ensuing clean up delayed my leaving for work by an hour. For starters, he needed a bath.

One glance in the kitchen provided the first signs of trouble.

I just could not figure it out. What was the white sticky stuff?

Ah, Crisco. That explains it.

I guess it is time to baby proof the kitchen.


  1. somehow......i don't think the apple fell tooooo far from the tree. like father, like son, but this is classic! my office enjoyed the story and pics.

  2. Ah, memories... I entered my kitchen 39 years ago, I walked into my kitchen to giggles.. (you know that is not a good sign) and as I came around the corner... I saw white.... white cupboards, white, floor, white thing with eyes and teeth... Oh, that was my daughter... it was flour... she had the end of the bag still in her hand...and waving it.. and giggling... but wait... there is revenge... she has a daughter ...who at the age of 3... did powder all over the bed, the rug as she jumped up and down on her mother's bed... ah, yes...sweet revenge... they are called grandchildren...