Decorations: Prepared for any holiday

The various departments at my workplace have free reign to decorate their area with whichever holiday or season they choose. For some groups, this liberty works well; other groups display their unfamiliarity with the calendar.

Example: There are to departments that share a floor. The first department split their area in half. Their floor space is decorated in glittery foil shapes, streamers, and holiday appropriate messages: half red and pink hearts, half green clovers. That’s great. They’ve got their bases covered for Valentines Day (just passed) and St. Patrick’s Day (soon to come).

The other department has not been as successful in planning their decorations. Suspended from their ceilings are star shaped pinwheels, made of construction paper, and roughly fifteen inches across. The pinwheels are well crafted, but their color combinations puzzle me. First option: red, white, and green. Second option: orange, yellow, and green. If they are trying to maintain a festive atmosphere and help our employees recognize holidays, a calendar consultation might be warranted. As it is now, it appears they have forgotten that Christmas is nearly two months passed and Cinco de Mayo is not till… well, the 5th of May.


  1. and Happy Fourth of July to you, too.

  2. They forgot the BLUE!!! President's day is this month, they just forgot that one simple color!!! What were you thinking?!?!? Ummmm....yeah.