so gullible

In our new hire orientation, we quiz our classes with a series of questions covering stuff like our attendance policy, dress code, and various other common workplace expectations. Many other the questions are so blatantly obvious I request the agents resist the urge to blurt out answers until I'm done asking all of the questions.

One question describes a hypothetical scenario: Jill took someone else's food out of the fridge in the break room because she forgot to bring hers. What is this an example of?

I told you these questions were easy. Yet, I insist on confusing these new agents. It is the first day of class, they've been in class with me for a few hours, so I have to do something to make sure they're paying attention when I review the answers to this verbal quiz.

I repeat the question: What is it called when Jill takes someone else's lunch?

Twenty-five new agents reply in near unison: Stealing.

I shake my head and reveal the "answer." Vandalism.


I wait a bit to let them think they just got hired to work in an alternate universe. Once I'm sure they are completely bewildered, I say: Just kidding! Then I move on to the next question about whether or not a mini-skirt is appropriate business attire.

Strangely, this works every time.

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