bathroom graffiti

We have all seen it - simple and often obscene sayings written (and sometimes scratched) into the walls of public restrooms. Graffiti can be art, but not in a bathroom; these etches in rest stops across America represents the sad humor of the lowest specimen the human gene pool has to offer. Trust me, it doesn't take a genius to think up phrases like: "for a good time call#..." Sayings like that are even better when the vandal misspells "good."

Although, bathroom graffiti can sometimes be entertaining. I frequently see one piece that has gone through multiple incarnations.
What started as
transformed into
and finally became
I know, it's not the greatest showing of human intellect, and I'm pretty sure that the name was supposed to be "David" not "Dayvid." But at least I know one thing: no matter how miserable I feel, at least I'm not Dayvid.

However, there is one piece of bathroom graffiti that perplexes me. In the a stall in the main-floor men's room at my office, there is the following bold statement, written in what looks like a Sharpie:
"I thought Toy Story 2 was okay."

WHAT?!? A Toy Story reference? In the men's room? Either pure delusional rambling or merciless emasculation. Has to be. What could possibly motivate a man to compliment Toy Story 2 in the place that other men go to heed nature's call?


  1. Oh, hysterical. So much better than the stuff in the student restrooms at my school...thinks like "I hate school." Although, I too, am bemused by the various misspellings. What's better are those in Arabic script, which I can't read. They make me curious...

  2. Anonymous6:03 PM

    the toy story line is from a dimitri martin stand up comedy spcial. "Demitri Martin. Person." look it up