Unsolved mysteries

The bathroom in our office has bugs. Actually, make that bug – as in singular. I’ve never seen more than one of those tiny little flying things in that bathroom. What kind of bug is it? I have no idea. It’s too small to be a fly or a tick. A flea maybe? Or a gnat? I don’t know. My biggest concern is that there is only one. And if you kill it, another one appears.

Maybe it’s a zombie bug – an undead insect. There’s no way you could kill such a creature. But if it was a zombie bug, where all the other bugs? There’s no such thing as a lone zombie. If it was a zombie – there’d be a horde of them looking to infect others with their zombie virus.

What happened to all the other bugs? Maybe they’re cannibal bugs – eating their own kind. Like a microscopic king-of-the-hill game where the losers all become dinner. But that doesn’t explain why a new bug appears after one is killed. Or why only one reappears instead of several.

Maybe they’re zombie-cannibal bugs. That would solve both paradoxes. Then again, that explanation sounds like the title to a low-budget b-movie sci-fi flick. “ATTACK OF THE KILLER ZOMBIE-CANNIBAL INSECTS FROM OUTER SPACE” Heck, it might even be a bit more believable than some other movies I’ve seen.

I should move to Hollywood…


  1. Anonymous6:46 AM

    me thinks you spend too much time in your office bathroom.

  2. Miriam9:26 PM

    We have one of those! What are they! We thought they came from some fruit that got left on the counter, but that doesn't explain why they like to live in our bedroom. And only one at a time. The weird bit is that if I leave an inch of water in the dishpan for a day or two, it will collect about 15 little bug bodies. I don't see them fly around, I don't know where they come from, they just appear. Weird....

  3. Miriam9:36 PM

    And I have seen movies on par with zombie-cannibal-insects. Like "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies". Also "Teenagers from Outer Space" and "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank"

    I am not making any of these movies up. I almost gave a friend appendicitis with "Overdrawn at the Memory Bank".