Two Truths and a Lie

Two truths & a lie is a great ice-breaker game to play – especially in a small group of people who know a little about each other (or at least are not complete strangers). The general idea is that each participant shares three “facts” about themselves; two of those facts are true but one fact is a lie. Having done this at dozens of youth group events and young adult retreats, and having used this in almost every class I taught… I see a lot of value in it. For employers – it’s a great way to see which of your employees are good liars (and which ones are horrible liars). It’s a great chance to see who the creative people are in your group. It’s also a good way to see who is good at following instructions. For example, after I reviewed the instructions, one of the participants gave me a sheet of paper with only two facts: I like beer, and I am dumb. I had a feeling both facts were true.

I thought I’d give it a shot here… With a twist: 3 truths and a lie. Let’s see how ya’ll do. Which of the following four "facts" am I lying about?

1. I have jumped from a moving vehicle

2. I have jumped out of an airplane
3. I have jumped off of a bridge
4. I Have jumped off of a cliff


  1. I'm gonna go with the airplane one. And if I'm wrong, you have some serious explaining to do that next time I see you! :-)

  2. Anonymous9:31 PM

    I say: yes, no, yes, yes!