Five for Friday

Fall has arrived and we're heading into my favorite half of the year: autumn and winter. In honor of the changing seasons and the smile it brings to my face, here are five things that have brought me joy today.



And this

We ventured out into the wild (Honeysuckle Beach) to get pictures of our clan. Our photographer let the three kids be themselves and she snapped dozens of candids and poses while the trio ran around with their true selves on proud display.

2. My replacement is fully functional. I spent half of last week mentoring Sam, and he spent this week in OJT. We got his his final bit of system access today so he is ready to do the job without me. I can finally stop being four people.

3. Speaking of work... I'm taking a few days off. Don't call it a vacation, I'll be at home with the kids. But it's a break. And now that I have a backup trained in my place, I walked out of the office today knowing the work was left in good hands.

4. Our waiter at IHOP. First I must disclose that I'm not a fan of IHOP. My brother and I had an unfortunate experience at one of their locations in Seattle and ever since, I've tried my best to avoid eating there. But kids eat free and we promised Zu and Christian that we would take them out for dinner if they behaved during the photo shoot. Free food for them made the decision easy.

The waiter there this evening turned their mediocre grub into an enjoyable experience. He interacted with each of our kids and remembered their names; he was thorough in covering the food options; and his service at our table was prompt, friendly, and courteous. He was the best waiter we've had anywhere in a long time.

5. The cooler weather. I may be strange but I am glad that summer is over. I love this cooler air; it's refreshing, it's calming, and I'm breathing deeper.

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  1. I still have nightmares about two things in life. One of those things is the horrid food at that IHOP. The only thing that made our whole experience there worthwhile was that fact that neither of us was hungry when we left, simply because of a lack of appetite. Note to self, when looking for a place to eat after midnight, try the little whole in the wall ma & pa 24hr diners instead of big chain places. Reference dad's experiences at Denny's.