Thanksgiving recap

In case you were too busy to follow along on Twitter (which I assume is all of you), here's a recap of how the day went. (note: @msforster is my sister-in-law)

6am - Awake. #possiblycrazy
7am - Axe mint shampoo: smells like you're rubbing toothpaste in your hair. But I kinda like it.
7am - Speaking of which, I'm out of the shower and every one is still asleep. Zu is usually up by now.
7:15 - Mmmm. Peanut butter cookie for breakfast. #yum
7:20 - Attempt number 2 to wake my wife. Bribing her with coffee.
7:21 - And she's awake (daughter not wife). Sending Zu in to wake up her momma.
7:30 - Bekah waking attempt number 4.
8:30 - Snow: shoveled. Kids: dressed (mostly). Dogs: pottied and on their way to the sitter in Rathdrum.
8:30 - Ps: Bekah woke up on the fifth attempt.
8:35 - @msforster aren't you supposed to be working?
8:36 - (from @msforster) @niccasey I got off way early! Which is good cause we haven't packed yet... #oops
8:40 - Christian is in time out until we leave #goodstart
8:55 - Father-in-law: "Ack! It's snowing." Should I tell him it's been snowing all morning?
9:15 - Last chance to potty.
9:30 - Leaving a half hour behind schedule. #normal
9:40 - I've got my Nos, Bekah is getting her Starbucks latte #humanfuel #fortheroad
9:55 - TSO's Carol of the Bells - awesome driving music.
10:10 - Cause for concern: we're following a car with California plates. #Californiadrivers
10:45 - Worley
10:55 - Muppets 12 Days of Xmas. We're laughing every time Piggy sings "5 golden rings"
Noon - Plummer to Moscow - difficult to tell where the ground ends and sky begins.
12:10 - Finally in Moscow.
12:15 - Picking up the sister & brother-in-law. While we're here... Pit stop.
12:16 - And change JJ's bootie. He pooped in Plummer and we've been breathing the fumes ever since.
12:20 - And it's snowing in Moscow.
12:45 - We're off. Again.
12:55 - Pray for the car. Please no engine failures.
1:30 - Road conditions on the Lewiston grade: much better than expected. Hopefully it stays that way until after we've left town.
1:40 - Directions from Cd'A to Lewiston: drive south til you smell it.
2:20 - Sign of the apocalypse: a Geo Tracker with a snowplow attachment.
2:35 - Just finished mashing the thickest batch of mashed potatoes in human history. #stickypotatoes
3:15 - Bekah's grandma has a bookshelf full of books on Idaho history. Fascinating.
3:25 - I've been hungry all day. Now that it's dinner time, I'm no longer hungry. Weird.
3:45 - "No, Momma. Don't tell. Don't be thankful." things my daughter says.
5pm - Having an after-dinner tickle fight with my daughter. This is how we celebrate holidays. #guesswhoiswinnig
6:15 - I'm 20% into The Passage. The kids are settling down for a bed-time movie. Bekah's older sis has crashed for a nap (possibly for the night).
7:10 - It's Wii time.
7:30 - Wii bowling says "nice spare." Wife says "nice spare tire."
8:05 - Mom-in-law to my wife "let me try (Wii golf) I can't make your score worse."
8:15 - I beat Bekah at bowling by 2. Beat her at golf by a lot. We should play video games together more often.
8:25 - Now my mother-in-law us Wii bowling. Epic. Wish I had a video camera.
8:45 - Black flyday: what Bekah's mom calls black Friday.
9pm - Back to reading. Then I think I'll call it a day.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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