Five for Friday

I was a huge A-Team fan back in the 80s. It is perhaps the most violent show my parents let me watch. It is also possibly the most violent show where no one actually gets hurt.

As a fan of the show (and the over-the-top cheesiness of the eighties) this video was irresistible.

If this was a real movie, I would bet that it could be better than the recent Hollywood refake. Two reasons: parody at its finest and little people.

I honestly believe little people can make anything better. Think about it. Would anyone ever watch pit boss if the stars of the show weren't munchkins? Admit it, Mini-Me was the only reason you watched Austin Powers. And I'm not a fan of pro-wrestling, but I wouldn't hesitate to go see midget wrestling. Pop culture seems to be obsessed with little people - cable networks have seven different shows to choose from (four of which are on TLC) that are all about people of smaller than expected stature.

These shows exist because people watch them.

This has led me to a proposal that could perpetuate this half-heighted obsession while saving humanity from the scourge of trashy remakes of classic shows that filmmakers unleash upon the planet like a pack of mentally handicapped hell-hounds.

If midgets can make anything more entertaining, why not cast little people in the roles of all those inevitable remakes?

The A Team has been done, thanks to The Lowercase a-Team video above. Here are five more timeless shows that I would love to see updated with miniature actors.

1. Highlander. There can only be one half.

2. Gilligan's Island. Just try to imagine a little person trying to climb into bunk bed hammocks. Even better if the new cast sings the theme song.

3. MacGyver. Richard Dean Anderson was a walking chemistry set with an experiment in his pocket. I'd imagine a little person's pockets would be much shallower but the contents would be far more entertaining.

4. Saved by the Bell. How many Mini-Screeches could you fit into a locker?

5. Walker Texas Ranger. Should this even need an explanation?

Did I miss any?

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