CNN's GOP Debate recap

As I mentioned in my previous post, the only thing on TV while I was stuck at Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport was the GOP Debate on CNN. Since I was stuck watching the debate, I figured it would be a little more enjoyable if I live-tweeted the proceedings.

Fitting that (as I was waiting to get through the security checkpoint) there was an older man in line ahead of me that looked like a crippled version of Herman Cain. I don't believe he stood a chance at winning the candidacy, but these debates would be more entertaining with him around.

What follows are my tweets through the CNN event. Warning, these tweets were more snark than content, so don't expect to learn anything of what is on these candidate's platforms.

- "I'm Wolf Blitzer and I am a robot."
- Instead of Red Rover, Newt is playing a game of Red Romney.
- Apologies to my friends who hate politics. I'm stuck at the airport and the #CNNDebate is the only thing on TV.
- If I'm to be tortured by the #GOPDebate, I thought I'd pass along my observations.
- Santorum keeps mentioning "our friends in Columbia." Which friends? The drug lords?
- UhOh... Romney and Newt caught eachother with their hands in the Freddie/Fannie cookie jar.
- Gentlemen, this fight would be better settled in a sumo match. Strap on the giant diapers.
- Dr Paul sounded like the sanest person on stage until he proposed abolishing the 16th amendment.
- At least crazy old Ron Paul is a humorous individual.
- If they were still in high school Santorum: Mr Congeniality, Newt: Biggest Ego, Romney: Most Likely to Succeed, Dr Paul: Class Clown
(Re-tweet from Carlos Whittaker @loswhit):Watching #TheBachelor on my DVR instead of the GOP debates. Pretty much the same thing.
- Lunar coloney? Novel idea, but what about the poor and needy Americans on earth.
- Please forgive any typos & misspellings. This #GOPDebate is making me dumber. I can feel my IQ dropping.
- Why are we talking about the Panama Canal? McCain isn't running this year.
- I keep waiting for Dr Paul to start quoting Dr Seuss. I'll be disapointed if it doesn't happen.
- After all, Ron Paul looked like he was born in the pages of a Dr Seuss book.

At some point after those Ron Paul related tweets, I got a bit of hate mail love from a Paulite: @niccasey only a coward would bash a 76 year old Dr. You sir are a (f-bomb deleted) moron.
To which I replied: @ericcrane I find him entertaining. You sir have a potty mouth.
Judging from Eric Crane's Twitter profile, saying he's got a potty mouth is an understatement. He's also a hardcore Ronulan and a birther. So I don't feel bad about blocking him.

moving on...

- Lowering corporate taxes? We've been doing that for the past ten years. It hasn't worked yet. Can we please get some new ideas?
- Why are ronulans such horrid people?
- I'd probably like Ron Paul more if it wasn't for his rabid/insane/fanatical followers.
- Funny thing. Ron Paul is a very smart man. Unfortunately, his most passionate supporters are not.
- Potty break. My bladder can't stomach the #GOPDebate as much as my stomach.
- Part of me is suprised that CNN hasn't had to bleep out any of Romney's answers/rebuttals.
- And my phone is dying. Now comes the hunt for a electrical outlet.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) the only working/available outlet was out of view and earshot of the TV so I posted post one last thought with an accompanying picture of my Sudoku book: The #GOPDebate antidote. Time to regain some lost IQ points while waiting on my phone to recharge.

Last word...

- So I missed the last part of the #CNNDebate. Did Ron Paul quote Dr Seuss? No? #bummer

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