And so begins a new adventure

This is the first blog post written in our new house.

This is my first post published as a homeowner.

And this is the first time that I've written for this blog while soaking in a bath tub.

Why am I taking a bath? Because I spent the hottest part of the day moving furniture, appliances, and big heavy boxes. I got slimed by the washing machine's discharge hose. Twice. I am a sweaty dirty stinky boy.

Why am I not taking a shower? We remembered to buy a new shower curtain. However, we didn't think about getting a curtain rod. There is no curtain rod in our shower.

Did I mention that it's a cold bath? No? Looks like we'll be checking the functionality of our hot water heater tomorrow.

But now I'm going to put my phone down. It's time to get so fresh and so clean. Then to rest my muscles before I go back to work tomorrow morning.

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