The feline conversation

Tonight, I asked Bekah a question that she probably never expected me to ask: "Did you know we have a cat?"

Consider the following.
1. I'm not fond of cats. I don't mind other people's cats but I would never choose to get one for myself.
2. JJ is allergic to cat dander.

As Bekah was in bed watching TV and I was in my office listening to music, I saw a shadowy figure slinking up the stairs. Our kids are known for their ninja-like skills when it comes to sneaking into our bedroom in the middle of the night so I assumed JJ was trying to slip past my watch.

I stood up and started to ask, "What are you doing J?" Then I noticed, it wasn't JJ. Instead of my five year old perched at the top of the stairs, it was a dark grey tabby with darker stripes - possibly a dragon li if I had to guess the specific bread.

As soon as it saw my movement, it turned and fled. Down the stairs, through the dining room and out the open back door. I followed to see where it went, arriving at the back slider just in time to see it hop up to the deck railing and make a two story leap to the grass below. It dashed off between the fir tree and the fence that separates our property from the neighbors that complained about our dogs in their yard.

I suspect our unwelcome visitor is their cat.

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