A new risk

Round two of Jon Acuff's Start Experiment began today. Round one spawned Coeur Creative. That will continue to be a thing, but I needed to have a different risk for these next 24 days. 

When I submitted the survey to participate in the second trip through the Start Experiment, I listed my risk as getting my health under control. 

My original thought was to lose a few pounds - something that I've tried to do over the past handful of years with dubious degrees of success. But today has made me think different. 

The thought behind the Start Experiment and Jon's book Start is to move from Average to Awesome. I made some awesome mistakes in the first round, but that's something to learn and build from. 

With round 2, average would be staying in the same physical condition that I am today. Awesome would be losing weight. I didn't even think up a goal weight as I'd consider anything less than where I am today is an improvement. 

Then came Jon's challenge for today. We're no longer shooting for awesome, we're aiming for audacious.

What does it mean for my health to be audacious. The only thing I can think of is to drop down to the size I was was Bekah and I got married. I was a skinny punk back then. 

That's audacious. 

However, if I'm going to fix my health, it's going to be more than my weight. I've not been myself lately. It's been a while, really. That needs to change. 

Losing a bunch of weight is audacious. 
Getting back to happy is audacious. 
Rediscovering my identity is audacious. 
Letting my geek flag fly is audacious. 

These next few weeks, I'm starting to do more than pursue better physical health. It's about my emotional health. And my spiritual health. And my social health. 

That's audacious. 

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