Time for a new game

When I was a kid, I looked for Waldo in every Where's Waldo book I could find at my school library. I played a couple of the Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? games (even watched the Carmen Sandiego game show on PBS). I played I Spy on many road trips. Still do. I watched a lot of Scooby Doo. Still do. There's something about finding lost or hidden objects - in solving mysteries - that appealed to me as a kid. That act of discovery filled me with awe.

In honor of that childhood quest to reveal secrets, let's play a new game: What the Heck Happened to Nic?

Excluding the tribute to my grandma, all I've managed to publish here are two Selah posts and a Five for Friday list. What's the antonym for Woohoo? Because whatever that word is, that's what I'm feeling.

How do I explain my lackluster blogging performance this month? You tell me.

*     *     *

Question: What has nic been up to over the past couple of weeks?
a) After falling from a window, he lost the use of both of his legs. In frustration, he traveled to Australia to do a walkabout believing he could find himself in the Outback wilderness. However, when seeing his paralysis, the tour company denied his admission so he boarded an ill-fated trans-Atlantic flight home. Also, he doesn't trust that guy, Jack.
b) He has picked up LARPing as a new hobby. He spent the past couple of weeks handcrafting chainmail armor, foam swords, a foam flail, and a wooden shield so that he could enter and compete in an upcoming Dagorhir battle event.
c) It's NANOWRIMO and he has been busy working on his novel. It's a genre mash up piece of fan-fiction featuring characters from the Marvel Universe set in a steampunk version of Colonial America.
d) In an effort to earn a little extra spending money before the Christmas shopping season, he donated his time and body to rigorous scientific experimentation. These tests have left him confused and exhausted. Now that he is back home, he appears to be normal, but only during the day. At night, if you look closely, he glows. And he may or may not have a clone now living in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Come back tomorrow for the real answer.

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