The places where I lose my keys the most

Have you ever walked out the front door, struck with the sudden panic that you don't have your keys with you? You're late. It's time to go. Work, church, school, the grocery store, your mom's house. Destination is irrelevant because you won't get there if you can't find your keys. What happens next defies all laws of space and time as you tear apart your house looking for those silly metal objects. Minutes feel like hours and your house suddenly triples in size.

I've been there. And more frequently than I'd like to admit. (Yet I'm doing it on my blog with no shame.) It shouldn't be that difficult. I always put my keys on the keyboard that is right by the door when I come in. And by "always" I mean "usually." The days where usually doesn't apply are the days I bounce around like a pinball from kitchen to living room, from bathroom to bedroom. Where are my keys? Where ... are ... my ... keys? For the love of all that is good and holy WHERE ARE MY KEYS? I verbally ask these questions even if no one else is around.

On those days, my keys are not on the keyboard. They are lost and it is my quest to find them. When that happens, here are the five places where I lose my keys the most.

1. This should be the most obvious: my computer desk.
2. The kitchen counter, most often by the fridge - but never in the fridge.
3. Bathroom counter.
4. Bookcase by the TV.
5. In my pants pocket. The pants I'm wearing. When all else fails, it is always the last place I look.

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