The Trump Predicament

I may be a week late to this dump on Trump party but it has taken me this long to formulate a collection of words that resemble anything more than blundering gibberish.

How is this bully the number one polling GOP candidate?

Perhaps we could understand the perspective of Donald Trump's words if we substitute the objects of his ire.

For example:

"Billionaires are not pleasant people, they’re not the best. They’re not you. They’re people that have lots of problems, and they’re making you pay for those problems. They do drugs. They’re white collar criminals. They’re narcissists. And some, I assume, are good people."

or ...

Me: "Donald Trump has the worst toupée I have ever seen."
Trump: "This is real 100% authentic American grown hair."
Me: "It's not a toupée - Donald swears it is real."
Trump: "How dare you call it a toupée you moron."
Me: "I never said it was a toupée. I just prefer hair that doesn't look like a wig."

It baffles me to see so many people excited about the possibility of President Trump. Is it the irresistible allure of watching a car crash in slow motion? Is it a fascination with offensive material? Do people like Trump for the same reason that they watch the Saw movies, get slobbering-all-over-yourself drunk, or laugh at Triumph the Insult Comic Dog? Is cheering for someone who is meaner and uglier than you something that is supposed to make you feel better about yourself?

Photo courtesy of UPROXX

Why? Why is Donald Trump leading leaps and bounds above any other Republican presidential wannabe? Those are questions that I am unprepared to answer - and possibly incapable of explaining.

I don't understand the popularity of the Trump campaign. But here is what I do know.

Speaking truth and speaking your mind are not the same thing.
Honesty without kindness is rarely beneficial.
Dishonesty masked by arrogance is still dishonesty.
It is possible to recognize the accomplishments of people you don't like.
It is possible to express dissatisfaction without denigration.
There is a fine line between being politically incorrect and being a jerk.
There is a finer line between being a smartass and an jackass.
Anyone who sets out with the intention to offend will succeed in offending.
Rewarding the rude behavior of one individual will encourage others to be equally rude if not more so.

Considering the above observations, you need to ask yourself if Donald Trump is the kind of person you want representing our nation. Is he the kind of man you want negotiating foreign policies with dignitaries and world leaders? Would you be comfortable knowing that Trump is the most powerful person in the world?

For me, the answer to those three inquiries is one simple word: No.


  1. I wonder the same thing. Every single day. He says something offensive, his poll numbers go up. He's insensitive, his poll numbers go up. I'm terribly afraid that the GOP is just being played again... that we're being duped into a candidate that will ultimately lose in the Presidential election. Good blog post.

    1. Have you heard the theory that he's doing this to sabotage the GOP? I don't buy it, but considering how much money he has spent to support Democratic candidates in the past, and how Hillary's campaign says he's the best gift they could ever be given, it's plausible.

  2. And then there's this... http://m.dailykos.com/story/2015/07/29/1406780/-To-Donald-Trump-a-woman-needing-to-pump-breast-milk-is-disgusting?detail=facebook

    1. I saw that too. Hyperbole and insults: Trump specialties.