A friend and I were talking over the weekend about the strange transition from having a pregnant wife to being a father. Life changes in an instant. It may be a tiny moment in time but it shatters your familiar existence, and before long you have a hyperactive toddler.

Becoming a father is a surreal experience, like when the alarm clock starts buzzing but seems to be apart of the dream that you are being woken from. I think all dads have that moment. For my friend, it was hearing his daughter cry for the first time. My moment was when I got to dress Christian for the first time. And then again when we were finally able to bring him home from the hospital.

That is the essence of life... little moments. Hearing your baby's uncontrolled laughter for the first time. How simple words like yes, up, and sit sound naughty coming from the lips of a toddler. Coming home from work and thinking the kid has grown since you left that morning.

To an extent, raising a child still seems surreal. Every now and then I look at Christian and think, Is that kid really mine. Of course he is. Looking into his blue eyes is much like staring at my own reflection.


  1. Happy Fathers Day! Haha. Good post, Nic. Say hi to the mommy of that darling little boy for me!

  2. Did ya figure out what was so "important" on the roof? And why? Was he trying to get closer to God? Just a thought.

  3. You are proof that it keeps getting better as your kids grow....

  4. Lovely post. The details you use create a fluid, vivid image that makes me nostalgic for a child I don't even have yet, and likely won't for the foreseeable future. Well-written. Thanks.