new horizons

This last week has been absolutely crazy for Bekah and I. Crazy meaning busy and inconceivable just a few short weeks ago.

Bekah has been looking for a job, but considering she hasn't worked anywhere for two years... her resume is not impressive. Needless to say she has not had much luck with her job search. Then she had a revelation - "I have experience in child care. I should start a daycare." And that is exactly what she and a friend of ours is doing. So as we speak (well, I'm typing, you're reading) Bekah and friend are planning and preparing to open up a daycare starting July 1st. She's kind of freaking out nervous about it, but aren't most people when starting a business?

Bekah and I have been working with our church's youth group for a while, and for most of that time I've been trying to avoid working with junior high. Stick with the high school kids, its only one night a week, I can do that. Apparently God had other plans... so did my youth pastor. I walked into his office Friday evening thinking I was going to help do some planning for an upcoming youth service and walked out co-leader for the youth worship band. I'm not sure how it all happened; right now my memory is still a bit hazy.

The worship band plays both the high school and junior high services. So, I guess that means I'll be working with the junior highers too.

So, in a very short period of time, Bekah has become an entrepreneur and I've become a worship leader. As if our lives weren't crazy enough.


  1. Adventerous, not crazy. Janda and I too have dealt with this. Just think what life would be like if you add in umpiring for little league (me), little league baseball schedule (Ethan), Prairie Fire Concerts (Janda and I), nursery director at church (Janda) AND Kidz Church co-director (me) on top of being volunteer youth workers and try to keep track of the day you are currently living in. So, when are you going to become a concert promoter?

  2. God works in ways that are way too big for me to even try to comprehend. Congrats on yours and Bekah's new paths of serving God. Enjoy the ride!

  3. Aaron, I've though about it... concert promotions. I'm more interested in live/studio production.