Oh, Canada

Oh, Canada by Five Iron Frenzy
From the Album Our Newest Album Ever
Lyrics by Reese Roper

Welcome to Canada, it's the Maple Leaf State
Canada, oh Canada it's great!
The people are nice and they speak French too
If you don't like it, man, you sniff glue
The Great White North, their kilts are plaid
Hosers take off, it's not half bad
I want to be where yaks can run free
Where Royal Mounties can arrest me
Let's go to Canada, let's leave today
Canada, oh, Canada, I s'il vous plait
They've got trees, and mooses, and sled dogs
Lots of lumber, and lumberjacks, and logs!
We all think it's kind of a drag
That you have to go there to get milk in a bag
They say "eh?" instead of "what?" or "duh?"
That's the mighty power of Canada
I want to be where lemmings run into the sea
Where the marmosets can attack me
Let's go to Canada, let's leave today
Canada, oh, Canada, I s'il vous plait
Please, please, explain to me
How this all has come to be
We forgot to mention something here
Did we say that William Shatner is a native citizen?
And Slurpees made from venison
That's deer
Let's go to Canada, let's leave today
Canada, oh, Canada, I s'il vous plait

Bekah and I will be in Canada most of next week. Our church is sending up the high school kids up to Lake Koocanusa for what our youth pastor describes as “the mother of all summer camps.” We will both be counselors for the week, should be a lot of fun, but I’m sure we’ll both be exhausted when we return.

The good news… We’re staying on houseboats.
The bad news… The boats sleep 15; each boat has 15 kids (some more) and two adults.

And yes, I know "mooses" is not a real word. Moose is the proper plural form. Don't blame me... I did not write the song.


  1. Grandma C8:38 AM

    I like your blogs
    Have a great time in Canada. I do hope you can swim!!!

  2. Oh the beauty! Oh the great outdoors! Oh for the love of FIF! Man, to think I missed their final show!!! And I even live close to Denver and missed it :( Who cares, especially when you know Reece Roper is going to do another schtick somewhere sometime. He is isn't he? Oh wait, he already did, and it didn't go over too well (Roper in case you were wondering). OH CANADA!!! Maybe they need Roper up there. Would that make your camping (what do you call camping on a house boat?) with capacity plus accomidations more tolerable?

    I agree with Gma, you might need to know how to swim.