I blame A.D.D.

I must have been asleep for the last couple months, or at least on autopilot. There have been two not very important yet meaningful milestones in the life of a blogger that I seem to have missed with out notice.

First, my 100th post. Second, my first anniversary as a blogger (6/01/05 -6/01/06) . I was thinking about posting links to some of my favorite posts from the past yearish 100 some odd available. But no, maybe that will be my 200th post. Or I'll wait till next June.

Also a milestone... kind of. I have officially been working on my novel for a year and a half. Progress is slow, and realistically the fault is how busy I am. But I'd like to blame A.D.D. I sat down to work on it for a little while yesterday and completed one paragraph. Talk about accomplishment.

It seems awkward to complain about not writing more. Somehow I've managed to keep this site updated and start a whole new blog. I really should be focusing my complaints on a lack of focus.

But there is much to look forward to. In March Coeur d'Alane is hosting its first ever film festival (see link under silver screen). I am planning on taking some workshops through ICAN and hoping to get more involved with the arts in general around the CdA area.

Society is defined by it's artistic expression and the inland northwest has a lot of fine artists to be proud of. (including a fabulous wildlife photographer from whom we purchased a beautiful picture of mountain goats in Banff.)

And before I get completely off the subject, I salute my attention challenged peers. And now, back to writing... something else.

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  1. Janda swears I have adult onset ADD. Sometimes, I would agree. Just because I work on the computer with 5 or 6 windows open means nothing. Add the fact that I can watch TV, listen to the radio, talk on the phone and be in the meeting doesn't mean anything either. Or does it? Who cares, so back to work I go. Now if I could just remember what I was doing now that I changed my attention to your blog.