Fruit or Vegetable?

I asked my class to answer this question: Are you a fruit or a vegetable. Here are some of the more interesting responses.

Whether I am a fruit or vegetable depends on several things. 1st thing in the morning I could usually be classified as a vegetable, definitely not a morning person. There are various times when I can be classified as a fruit, especially by my children, because at times being a little insane is what keeps you normal. Even though my hair is dark, some blonde jokes apply, I could say the blond is seeping through and invading my personality. My favorite moments at being a fruit are when I know it will embarrass my children the most, for instance in front of their friends or in public places.

I think I am a fruit, because I am sweet and better looking then a vegetable. Fruit to me seem to more colorful and optimistic, and that is what I am trying to be. More people seem to stick to the fruity side and being a veggie tale sounds kind stale and gloomy. So I feel that I am a fruit, because I am a sweet sensitive and caring person. Or at least I hope someday to be.

I’m a fruit because I am and yeah. Just look at me.

I believe myself to be a fruit. Fruit is sweet and most people like it. I tend to try and be sweet and generally get along with everyone. Yet some fruits have tough textures and depending on weather or not i get along with you will determine if you will be able to get through it.

I would have to put myself in the vegetable category, the reason being that I consider myself in the healthy category, fairly mundane, practical, but full of the necessary things: ... not too sweet, so can't go for fruit. Rarely silly, also can't go for fruit.

I am feeling like a fruit today...let's say a pomegranate............difficult, hard too peel and to discover. Yet soft & ,juicy and easy to enjoy.........in other words........tough on the outside, yet soft at heart.

I am a fruit because I am sweet and devious.
I am also a vegetable because I am hearty and good for you.

I'm a kiwi. I'm wild, tart and yet sweet all in one...(and fuzzy)

I would have to say that I'm a fruit. Kinda sweet but at the same time a little sour.

I have decided that I am both a fruit and a veggie. Because at times I can be sweet and very loving but at other times i am dead to the world.

(And my personal favorite…)

Well I would say that since a tomato is a fruit I am a fruit. I'm round like a tomato at this point.

This confirms what I have suspected for the last five weeks, my class is a bunch of fruits (mostly).

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