I've got enthusikasm!

Every week I give my students a survey to rate if my teaching and the curriculum is effective. A score of one means I suck and they hate me; five means I am the coolest person ever. I usually rate about four and a half. Not quite the coolest, but at least likable.

Each section of the survey contains a blank section for comments. This section usually garners comments like "we're going too fast" or "we're going to slow" "it's too hot" and "it's too cold." since the comments from one trainee tend to contradict another, I tend not to give the remarks too much attention. I do read them; occasionally one will be highly entertaining... mostly due to spelling errors. But there is always at least one that makes me wonder.

For example, in the section for feed back that focuses on me, one student wrote the following quip: "Instructor shows lots of exitement and enthusikasm."

Exitement? Enthusikasm?! What the crap? I just had to know, what is enthusikam? So, I asked my class to give me the best possible definition.

Here are my two favorite responses:

Enthusikasm: 1. (adj) To be excited, but not really.
2. (noun) Enthusiastic sarcasm.

I'm not sure if I like having either definition apply to me, but the same person elsewhere said I make it interesting... hmmm.

I'm proposing a new word to be added to the next edition of Merriam-Webster, enthusikasm!

Question. Which definition do you like best?

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  1. sarcasm, always go with sarcasm. it is another service we provide-sarcasm--it oozes a vein of love out of people.