A few weeks ago, the motherboard on our POS Dell went kaput. Upon returning from Schweitzer last week end, our laptop would no longer charge; the power supply had issues. We're still awaiting replacement for the desktop, but after a week with no working computer at home - the laptop has returned.

I am feeling internet deprived. Is that normal? I have internet access at work, but - generally speaking - I am there to work. Even if I went in outside of my normal hours, the two sites I use the most (blogger & myspace) are blocked by my office's security settings.

Oh well, all is good now. The laptop is working, and I was able to keep up with HBO during the interim.

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  1. Yes, that was a normal feeling. I go a day without the laptop and I am almost lost. My life (almost literally) is on that thing. Yikes, what would I do in your situation?!?!?!?!?