Happiness is...

My wife is determined to help me find my happy place. She insists that Christian does something incredibly cute or laughably ridiculous at least once a day. That is her happy place. So, when Christian is throwing the toddler tantrum, she remembers that the kids lying on the floor - screaming and limbs flailing - is the same kid who smeared Crisco all over the kitchen.

I found my happy place for the day much earlier than I anticipated. Bekah was up when my alarm went off this morning, so I figured I had the bedroom and bathroom to myself while I got ready for work. While shaving, I heard a strange rustling sound followed by a short exhalation of breath. I thought the dog might have been curled up at the foot of the bed with out my noticing. But, no. Nothing but rumpled blankets tossed and falling off the bed. Psuchen must have been out with Bekah, and I was imagining things.

The sound of short breaths and movement began again as I finished shaving, so I thought that Psuchen might have curled up in one of his other favorite places to sleep: our pile of dirty laundry. I poked my head out of the bathroom, but no dog. I looked around the room. No dog within sight.

By then I was thoroughly confused. It was before 5am (earliest I've been up in a long time), but I knew that sound was not a product of my imagination. A little exploration revealed the sources of the noise. On the far side of the bed, next to the door to the living room, I discovered a little arm and leg protruding from under the bed. Limbs belonging not to the dog, but of my sleeping son.

How Christian ended up asleep under my bed, I will never know. Regardless, that is my happy place for the day.

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