Chara {R.I.P.}

Today was a sad day in our house. Chara is the first pet that I've lost (except for a hermit crab I had in 5th grade) and she's the first pet that Bekah's lost suddenly.
The hardest question to answer is Christian's: "Where's Chara?"
How do you answer that? How do you explain to a two year old that a family pet has died? My first thought was that she's gone away. But what two year old is really going to grasp that concept? We could say that Chara is no longer with us, but that's what we tell him when Bekah's daycare kids finish daycare. And we don't want Christian thinking that all of Bekah's daycare kids are dead.
So, each of us are mourning in our own ways. Bekah is blaming herself. Psuchen is wandering around, lonely. Christian is doing what toddlers do. And I am wrestling with how to answer Christian's big question. Where's Chara?


  1. I am so sorry for your family's loss.

  2. Tarah3:35 PM

    Oh wow, that is really hard! Shaylie spent a couple days a week since she was born with Sophie (my parents dog) and when she died all I said was, " Sophie went bye bye to heaven." For awhile she still asked when we went over there, but after a couple of weeks she pretty much stopped asking. I really hope you find a good way to talk to Christan about it!