Yo quiero bad business moves

Earlier this week, Taco Bell announced plans to open Taco Bell locations in Mexico... again. Really.

They tried this once before, in 1992. As you may have guessed, they failed. I wonder why.

Could it be that you can find better tacos in Mexico than you might at a Taco Bell? Selling Americanized Mexican food in Mexico is akin to opening a Panda Express in China. I'm sue that real Chinese food from China is far better than anything on Panda Express's menu. Just the same, I'm sure that Mexican citizens know how to make tacos and burritos better than we do.

Or maybe the first Taco Bell locations failed because Mexicans were insulted by that ridiculous little chihuahua (I hate that little mutt).

I believe, however, Taco Bell failed in Mexico because of the mixed messages sent by their "Make a run for the border" slogan. Or as they say in Mexico "Corre a la Frontera!" Not quite the message you want to send to your customers.

I wonder if Taco Bell will be more successful this second time. I doubt it. Well, you know what they say - third time's a charm.

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