Well Christmas is officially over in the Casey house. We've taken down the decorations and mastered our day after Christmas sales. We haven't yet opened all of Christian's toys... but we're still working on the "one toy at a time" theory with him, so some toys may remain unopened for a while.

It was a great Christmas. Bekah is devious this time of year, and has spent the last few weeks in purposeful misleading - all to pull off a perfect surprise. Bekah's dad got Bekah's mom what is probably the best Christmas present ever. And, I managed to surprise the most difficult person to buy presents for - my wife.

WORD OF ADVICE: If you ever buy silverware for a significant other, think twice before deciding to wrap each spoon fork and knife individually. It is well worth the look of joy followed by bewilderment - not to mention the 20 minutes of watching the recipient unwrapping the utensils. However, silverware is not easy to wrap. 37 pieces took me an hour of cutting paper and wrapping and taping.

Now that the holiday has passed, we are looking forward to the new year. Bekah and I are working hard to become more organized. Our goals for this next year is to settle into a routine, and get back into shape - focusing on our health a bit more. We'll see how it goes.

Well, one more day before I return to work tomorrow, and I've got a new Dean Koontz book to start reading.

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  1. All fall, I looked forward to the Christmas lights, garlands, tree ornaments, and other decorations. About a week after everything was up, all I could look forward to was the day we take it all back down and put it back in storage. I love Christmas, but I'm glad the season only lasts about a month.