Random Tidbits for a New Year

1. Christian has a new phrase: "I don't think so." This phrase comes into use when asking him what he wants. For example, he used it when picking out his breakfast this morning. "Do you want Kix?" I ask. "I don't think so." "How 'bout Mini Wheats?" "I don't think so." OK, one more try, "Do you want toast?" "No," he says "I don't think so."

2. Speaking of Christian, he does not do well with open ended questions. Any time you ask him an open ended question, he turns it around and places the burden of answer on you. For example, ask him "What did you do today?" He will say "What did I do today?" Yet if you ask him a closed ended question (did you have fun today) he will assuredly give you an answer.

3. I love my Doc Martins. Ridiculously expensive, but well worth the investment. I've been wearing these things for about four years and they've held together better than any other shoe I've ever owned. One down side, they have no traction. None. I was wearing the Docs when I fell on the Resort boardwalk before Christmas. And I was wearing the Docs again this morning when I slipped in the driveway.

4. Speaking of falling... I hurt. I'm confident that I might have bruised my tailbone, but I think I might have pinched a nerve or something; my back is killing me.

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