Eat what you are

Bekah's little sister dropped(*) by for a while this afternoon, and was acting abnormally glum. Attempting to cheer her up, Bekah offered chocolate.
"Would you like a snack?" Bekah asked. "We have Ding Dongs & HoHos."(**)
Her sister nodded and stood up to get the treat.
"Be wise in your decision." I said. "Remember, you are what you eat. Are you a ding-dong, or a ho ho?"
She chose a Ding Dong.

(*) I almost had a potentially malicious (yet funny) typo before posting this entry. Thankfully I had my wife proofread it. Instead of saying that her little sister dropped by, I typed dripped. Freudian slip or exhaustion? Hmmm.
(**) We do not normally maintain a stock of Hostess products(#) in the Casey household. But Bekah was craving something chocolate, sweet, and revoltingly unhealthy of the Hostess variety. And they were on sale at Super 1. I bought one box of each. I do not expect them to last till Friday.
(#) Has any one noticed that the names of most Hostess snacks(##) could also be used as an insult?
(##) In case you were wondering, Twinkies(+) do not have an infinite shelf life.(++) My ninth grade biology class tested this with an experiment and proved it false.
(+) I have no interest in trying deep-fried Twinkies, yet I am morbidly curious what they taste like.
(++) Food product with infinite shelf life? Fruitcake.


  1. Awww. Super 1 and Roseaurs. I miss those shopping establishments. They have deep fried twinkies in Texas. Actually here they will fry anything: cocacola, snickers bars, cheesecake,green tomatoes, most fruit....anything. It's a big deal here, Texans are quite obessed with fried foods. I have only tried fried cheesecake and it was awesome.

  2. I want to hear more about this 9th grade experiment...