Push Play... Randomize

Earlier today, one of the agents in my class asked me what Kind of music I like. I love it when people ask me that. For a couple reasons. First - I'm music obsessive. If you get me started, be careful; I could go on for hours. The other reason is that I'm like the multi-purpose man of musical preferences. Ask me what kind of music I like and we'll probably spend more time talking about your favorite music than mine.

But trying to peg down my favorite music can be difficult. Eating a single can of raw Spam in one bite might be easier than trying to define my tastes in music. (eating a can of Span in a single bite is possible... I've seen it done!)

I'm just saying that my tastes are varied. Greatly varied. For example, I set my library on random while cleaning the kitchen and these are the first ten songs to come through my speakers:

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner by Fall Out Boy
All I Have to do is Dream by The Everly Brothers
I Just Have to Fall in Love Again by The Carpenters
Secret Slow Death by Illtripp
We are Rock (Echoing Green Remix) by Joy Electric
Killa by Dert (Tunnel Rats producer)
High Enough by Damn Yankees
Drawn and Quartered by Tourniquet
May This be Love by Jimi Hendrix
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by The Postal Service

I know, it's an odd mix of music. But I'm an odd person. Now my question is if I would find any of those ten tracks in your music collection.


  1. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Yes, I have the Carpenter's Album (vinyl). Does that date me or what. I just didn't know that you were into the Carpenter's:)

  2. I'm just saying that my tastes are varied. http://bacsitructuyen.edu.vn/