Even worse than baby food

We've always known that the Squishy was developmentally behind - so we're excited for whatever therapies are available. Like the feeding specialist - someone from the medial arena who is helping us figure out how to get the Squishy to eat something more than formula.

The feeding specialist has given us some great ideas: letting her chew on a clean spoon before eating so she can get used to the feel of a spoon in her mouth, not letting her have a bottle until she's tried to eat, etc. We even got a new blender so that we can follow the good doctor's advice to liquefy our own foods because some babies will not eat store bought baby food. Some of the foods the feeding specialist recommended blending (individually - not together) peas, peaches, pears, and Chef Boyardee Ravioli.

I can not even begin to describe how revolting pureed pasta with tomato based artificial meat sauce appears when poured from a blender. Even the smell was nauseating. Come dinner time, I was utterly horrified to be feeding my daughter what looked like a disastrous bowel movement.

She seems to like the vanilla yogurt better. I can't blame her. It does have a more appealing scent.

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  1. That is both funny and very good. I'm glad you have found new options for her!