Mi familia magnífica

Well, I've been promising some important people some pictures, so I'll start with the whole family (minus the photographer).

Squishy, Bekah Boo, and Christian by the Lower Salmon River.

And from the wedding...

Christian was not in the mood for pictures, but he managed to coax a dance out of his mommy.

And of course, the Squishy was one of the cutest flower girls ever. Ridiculous, really.

We had fun in Boise, but it made part of me want to move back down there. It was good to see some old friends, like Nikki - who spent quite a bit of time holding and playing with Squishy. Nikki marveled at how calm and happy of a baby she is. Nikki told me that we were so blessed to have a beautiful baby. What? Would we be cursed if she was ugly? But, I can't argue. The Squishy is beautiful. And she is a blessing.

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