Interesting, but it works

After what could perhaps be one of the most disappointing days in my professional life, an employee of mind offered this tidbit of encouragement.

"Nic, rumors fly around this place pretty quickly."

No, that wasn't his encouraging words. But what followed made me smile.

"Despite what I've heard, despite what anyone has said, you're doing a good job. You can't make a rock do back flips. It doesn't matter how good of a gymnastics teacher you are, you can't teach a rock to do a back flip."

Interesting analogy. But it works... right?

In other news, it is snowing. Two days ago, we were close to 80 degrees. Some call it typical North Idaho weather, I call it schizophrenia.

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh....bipolar weather! Sounds like Texas in the winter/spring.

    Work can be like high school all over again my friend. It never ends! (isn't there a song about that?)