Mountain Dew has made me bipolar

At the beginning of class yesterday afternoon, I placed my half-consumed Mountain Dew on my desk. Sometime during the next half hour, I misplaced my Mountain Dew. I looked in my office, in my classroom, the breakroom, our operations floor... couldn't find it anywhere. That made me sad.

Two of the students in my class felt bad for me. During our lunch break, they bought me a new Mountain Dew. That made me happy. It really doesn't take much to make me happy; I'm really a simple creature.


  1. Oh no! Not you too....a Mountain Dew addict. :) I remember us drinking Surge in HS....that was good stuff too. Check out a song by KJ-52, it has to do with his Mountain Dew addiction.

  2. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I'm so sorry about the Mountain Dew. However, I just don't get it. I thought Dr. Pepper was the drink of choice. Your daughter thinks so anyway.