Not who I want for a vice president

While digging around on Snopes, I found a letter written (and confirmed true by Snopes) written by a Wasilla, Alaska resident. The more I know about Sarah Palin, the less I like her.

one of the choicest tidbits was this gem: "She inherited a city with zero debt, but left it with indebtedness of over $22 million."

The rest of her letter outlines Sarah's abuse of power, lack of experience, petty and retaliatory political actions, and how little she resembles the social and fiscal conservative the McCain team is trying to make her.

You can read the full letter here. (The first bit sounds like praising support of a wonderful candidate, but then it goes downhill.) While the author of this letter may sound bitter, it brings up a reoccurring theme in Palin's potential to be second in command to the most powerful nation on earth.

Is this the person you want pulling the strings from the Oval Office if John McCain's old age catches up with him?

***And a note for those that claim she's the only candidate with true executive experience and therefore the most qualified candidate to be president (even more so than McCain) just remember that both Bush Jr and Clinton were governors before they became president... that didn't really work out so good for us now, did it?


  1. I really wish McCain picked Kay Bailey Hutchinson, a Texas senator, for his running mate. She has much more experience, is incredibly well-spoken and would be taken more seriously than Palin. I guess Hutchinson wasn't young or hot enough.....

  2. Her selection makes me stay cynical about the whole political process.

  3. Palin is McCain's pander to the religious social engineers. Not because he actually expects her to be presidential material. If he wanted someone with real qualifications and not the "Hillary vote" alone, he would indeed have gone for someone with far more experience and who didn't need to be coached or prepped to appear on the national stage.