Five for Friday

Now that the Olympics are over (nearly a week over - I sure know how to be timely) I thought I'd take the opportunity to highlight some of my favorite moments.

1. The skiing/boarding wipeouts – with the wet snow, the crashes were plenty, epic, and full of awesome.

2. The ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ promos that set the creation of several Olympic sports in Viking history – filarious.

3. Michael J Fox – he’s a short person in show business, shown admirable strength and optimism in dealing with Parkinson’s, and he’s funny. On those qualities alone I have great respect for Mr. J Fox. The joke he cracked about Canadians claiming anyone that’s good at anything as one of their own was funnier than anything said by Shatner and that other comedian during the closing ceremony.

4. The USA vs. Canada men’s hockey game – hockey at its best.

5. Apolo Ohno – forget that he’s an amazing athlete for a moment, ignore the multitudes of medals he's won throughout his career, forget that look of unnatural calmness in the midst of fierce competition… he looks like the Seattle stereotype like no other Seattleite. I easily imagine him strolling through Pioneer Square in socks & Birkenstocks and a faded Soundgarden t-shirt, holding a cup of half soy half skim quad-shot something from Starbucks (or SBC), in the rain, with no umbrella, listening to PUSA on his Zune...

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