When The Tank came into our home, he possessed a noticeable speech delay. Contrasted with Zu's accelerated speaking abilities (both kids the same age) and Christians constant constant dialog, we almost didn't know how to handle a non-communicative toddler.

It's not that The Tank didn't talk - he did - it's just that he didn't speak English. Or Spanish. Or any other recognizable language. It sounded like an extra-salivated combination of gibberish, an Inuit dialect, and a primitive form of Swahili. Now that he's been in our home for a while, his conversations are becoming more coherent. Mostly because Bekah and I have learned a new language to better understand this kid.

Since this is a language known only to the three of us (and possibly to my mother-in-law), I propose for you a vocabulary lesson. Or quiz... or... whatever. I'll give you a dozen tankism and three possible English translations for each word or phrase. The answers will be posted sometime next week.

1. Guh pies!
a) Good Pies!
b) Surprise!
c) Blue skies!

2. Gikah pak
a) Give it Back
b) gigabyte
c) Other path

3. I dingy
a) My thingy
b) I did it
c) I'm thinking

4. Bankaleckalick
a) Bang it like this
b) Blanket
c) Bekah, I like it

5. Mleck
a) Mine
b) Move
c) Milk

6. Belay
a) Play
b) Below
c) Bake

7. Lukta may
a) Lucky day
b) Look at me
c) Look, the mall

8. On do alay
a) One, two, three
b) I put shoe away
c) What to do today?

9. Butts
a) Butt
b) Bath
c) Block

10. Any muh pan
a) Andy Kaufman
b) Any mud pie
c) I need my pants

11. I butt mighty
a) I go potty
b) My butt is mighty
c) I brush my teeth

12. Teepee nom I king
a) I am the gnome king
b) The peas not eating
c) Of thee I sing

Give it your best shot. I'll have answers for you in about a week.

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  1. 1.b, 2.a,3.b, 4.c,5.c,6.a,7.b,8.a,9.b,10.c,11.a.,12.b