Five for Friday

It's been a crazy work week. The resulting consequence of insanity and employment being tossed into the same blender is cognitive malfunctions by Friday night. Then my brother published a new post on his blog, reminding me that it was the end of the week and I've yet to post my 5 things.

Problem? Only if you consider my TGIF induced brain lapse. And since my mental capacities are not functioning to it's highest capacities, I'm electing to take the easy blog idea and share a few favorites with you.

1. My favorite animal: Oreamnos americanus, aka (please don't laugh) the mountain goat. I've admired these animals since Toby and I chased them across a snow covered ridge in the North Cascades during the summer after 6th grade. Yes, I know they're not the prettiest beasts, but they are among the most agile creatures to walk this earth. They might be ugly to some, but I think they're the most noble looking of all the animal kingdom.

2. My favorite place that I've never visited: Nordland Norway. More specifically, the Lofoten Islands. Nordland is one of the least populated places in all of Europe and Lofoten is one of the most remote geographies in Nordland. This archipelago juts away from the Norwegian mainland north of the Arctic circle and is home to the world's largest deep sea coral reef. Aside from the wild life, majestic mountains, countless lakes, and the small villages (like Reine) the drive along E10 from Bjerkvik to Å and back would be a fantastic road trip... at least in summer.

3. My favorite mistake. There's a girl that I dated for a few months after moving to Nampa. She wasn't a bad person, but it was clear to everyone except me that it was not going to end well. Our split was the primary factor that influenced my decision to change churches (as to avoid having to attend church with a girl that wanted nothing to do with me). And in a case of timing is everything, a coworker invited me to her church where I met Steve and Nate - two guys who shared musical interests similar to mine. We sparked an instant friendship. Steve and Nate introduced me to Tommy, who lived at Ellen's house. I started going to the weekly Bible study at Ellen's house and eventually moved in there. That's where I met Bekah. So that girl in Nampa was bad for me, but she was the catalyst that led me to the girl who would be come my bride. I won't complain.

4. My favorite charity. To Write Love On Her Arms. I've written about them before, and if you have any opportunity to support them - do. TWLOA does some great work helping people break the cycles of depression, suicide, and addiction.

5. My favorite style choice that drives my wife crazy: self-descriptive clothing. At this given moment, my selection is limited: a "White and Nerdy" hoody, a Pillsbury Dough Boy neck tie, Fruit Loops t-shirt. If my wife would let me, my self-deprecating wardrobe would be much larger. However, Bekah poo-poos some of my greatest finds (like the Twinkie t-shirt I found a couple weeks ago) and steers me toward more sensible selections. The way I see it, she should be thankful that I got rid of the "Dork" t-shirt I used to wear when we first got married.

How about you? Any fashion choices that maddens your significant other? Any place you've never been to that you'd consider a favorite destination?

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  1. Lizzie2:29 AM

    Haha I got you that White and Nerdy sweat shirt for Christmas, and I don't know what was cooler, your reaction or Bekah's