This is Christmas

It set in this evening.

Christian and I spent the morning hunting and gathering Christmas presents, then I taught him how to wrap presents in a wrapping marathon this afternoon. I'd say we had a wrap battle, but I fear the pun may be lost.

Bekah's present was nearly impossible to find. The few stores I searched through yesterday were all sold out. One of the stores called a couple other retailers on my behalf and only one store had it in stock, but was in the process of selling their last of that specific product. I looked on Amazon, but the price online was double the most expensive local option. On a whim I returned to a local shop this morning - one available. It came in off a shipment overnight. As I was paying at the register, the store received a phone call asking if they had in stock the item I was purchasing. "Just sold the last one." I'm a lucky man.

My wife loves me. She returned from the grocery store with a half gallon of eggnog. I'm enjoying my first glass of the season as I write this.

Bekah introduced Chloe to Bekah's favorite winter tradition, crab dinner. The girls had crab this evening and the boys had french toast. But before you pity the dudes of the house, I should mention that this batch of french toast was the best I've ever made (and perhaps the most delicious I've ever tasted).

Then we finished the night by baking and decorating sugar cookies.

All this with Christmas music playing in the background.

It set in while I was dancing around the kitchen listening to June's version of Wonderful Christmas Time: this is Christmas.

Not that it's the advent season - that I've known all month. No sudden revelation require. Nor was the light bulb a realization that Christmas is one week away. I can read a calendar.

My eureka was wholly different.

We were making lasting memories. This is Christmas. This is what my kids (hopefully) will remember.

And yes, I know the true meaning of Christmas. I'm not trying to overlook the wondrous significance of Jesus' birth. But there's got to be something that Christians, atheists, and faiths of all kinds can share.

So whether you're celebrating a savior of men or a savior of retail profits, whether your family lights a menorah or gather's around a decorated tree, whether you're opening presents or performing feats of strength, there is a tie that binds. We should be united in an effort to create enjoyable memories for our loved ones.

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