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Christian started school this week.
So did JJ.
Zu starts next week.

I share my office (over-sized cubicle) with one other person. He does the job that I did before I got promoted. There is a lot of overlap between the two of us because we're the end result of a consolidation of four job titles that used to be held by six people.

This makes it easy for us when one or the other needs a vacation. He covers for me while I'm out and I cover for him while he's out.

Beyond the ease in professional duties, we have similar personalities (we're both geeks). We make each other laugh and we're frequently mocking the coughers on the other side of our cubicle wall.

Regardless of what happens during the day; the ad hoc requests, the never-ending parade of reports, being the big brother of our staff... the highlight of our day is what we've affectionately called "parking lot tetris." This is the time of day when several employees either take a lunch or end their shifts at the same time and all try to navigate their cars out of the narrow basement lot at the same time. It is usually haphazard and always entertaining. As one side of our cubicle is a large picture window that overlooks the basement parking lot, we have one of the best views from which one can observe this phenomenon.

However not everything we see happen below our office window is entertaining in a funny kind of way. Sometimes it's a "did that just happen?" kind of funny. Like the time we saw a fight a couple of months ago. Well, not actually a fight. More like an argument. A domestic dispute really. But the girl did slap the guy a couple of times.

My office mate and I watched the whole ordeal. And we gave our statements to the police. Then we forgot it ever happened. Speaking of which...

I got served this week.
Helpful hint to my female readers - if you slap your boyfriend/husband, technically that's called domestic battery.

I'm not the only one that got served. So did the guy that shares my office. The plus side: we get to testify at her trial on behalf of the prosecution. The downside is we both have to testify. Hopefully we don't have to testify at the same time as we usually cover for each other. If we're both gone, the system breaks.

I sent our boss an email today to explain our dilemma. The email said something along the lines of: "We'll both need these dates off. We've been served."

He quickly responded via IM with the question: how did you both manage to get served at once?

My response: well... we were at this dance competition and these two guys were busting these crazy break dancing moves that I'd never seen before. They spun and shuffled their way over to where we were standing, one pointed at us and the other shouted "you've been served."

Thankfully, my boss has a good sense of humor. When I told him the real story (fight, parking lot, police, she's been charged) he said it sounded like fun.

Two best statements I heard at poker night this evening:
1. "I'm a rapper, of course I carry a gun."
2. "I don't listen to other people's songs, I write my own."

That's called swagger.

If you look to the right, you may notice links to my secondary blogs. My original intent was to keep them separated as each blog has different purposes. However, the result has been that those secondary blogs are left ignored (both by me and by the rest of the interwebs).

This also prompted some tough decisions when I wrote my Church series. Should I post it here - where I have the most traffic and those posts would have the best visibility? Or should I post them on my What's Inside blog as that blog was designed to be an outlet for my religiously themed writing. End result, they ended up here. The dichotomy isn't working, so over the next few weeks I'm going to be doing some consolidation and cross-posting. You'll see entries here that originally appeared there. So don't be surprised to see some blog posts with a decidedly theological bent for a while.

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