Trauma weekend

Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything. Where have I been?

Honestly, I don't know. I've been suffering from a severe lack of motivation. And coming out of a SQL coma. Twitter has seen much of my attention. Beyond that, I'm not sure why I haven't been writing. Besides, those are just excuses and I'm here now.

Those of you that haven not been paying attention to my social media feeds have missed out on the experience that was Easter weekend. It's been a few days and the shock is finally wearing off enough that my mental processes are capable of writing it all out. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, our kids have now been properly traumatized.

While the rest of Christendom was celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, the Casey family was occupying medical facilities.

It started Saturday night as we were getting ready to go to Lake City Community Church's evening service. In the flutter of trying to get the kids dressed and presentable, feed a couple growling tummies, moving and starting loads of laundry, the application of makeup (Bekah), quick shower (me), and watching Bekah's sister trouble shoot a malfunctioning car, the activity in our home probably looked like a series of circus tricks performed by insane asylum escapees.

In the midst of this chaos, my sister-in-law was coming in the front door as I was walking by. She left the door open and my instincts reached out and pushed the door closed. What I didn't realize until it was too late is that JJ had reached over the upstairs railing to see what was happening outside. He had grabbed the hinge side of the door to pull himself closer at the moment I attempted to shut it, and his pinky was caught in the door jam.

He screamed. I pulled the door back open. He held his hand up, bloodied, and he screamed some more.

After some quick first aid, Bekah (having a cooler head on her shoulders) devised a plan. The first option had her going to the ER with JJ while I took the other two kids to church. But then she remembered that JJ would need direct pressure during the drive. So she enlisted Zu's help for plan B: I'd take Christian to church while Zu held JJ's hand and went to the ER with JJ and her mommy. But Zu was in tears and scared that JJ was fatally wounded. The third and final plan is the one that worked: I would drive, Bekah would sit in the back and keep pressure on JJ's finger and (since there were no other adults at the house to provide supervision) Zu and Christian rode along with us. It's not every day that you get to turn a trip to the emergency room into a family outing.

The most comical part of this family hospital adventure is that everyone was dressed and ready to go to church except for JJ. While the rest of us were over dressed for a night at the ER, JJ was hanging out in a pair of sweat pants the polo that he'd been wearing all day.

The verdict was better than we anticipated. It was only a dislocation that required several stitches and will take a while to heal. Considering what the injury looked like, we were relieved that it was an easy fix that would not require surgery.
Doesn't that look broken to you?

If you think the hazardous holiday was complete with that one event, you are sorely mistaken. The exploits continued on Saturday.

We attended the morning Easter service at our own church. Hid 60 eggs in our back yard and set our kids free to hunt the candy filled surprises. We dined on the traditional Easter ham. We started the kid's bedtime routine. The two younger kids were playing in the back yard waiting on their turn for bath time. JJ was given explicit instruction to stay off of the trampoline.

But that trampoline was fair game for our uninjured daughter. She loves to jump. She also adores her aunt who was on there jumping along. The two of them got a little carried away and the merriment ended when Zu came down hard and hurt her ankle.

Another trip to see a doctor, but this time it was only an after-hours clinic and did not require the attendance of the entire entourage. Thankfully, it was only a sprain.

So that was our holiday weekend. How was yours?

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