Christian's house

My oldest son's favorite artistic pursuit is cutting up paper to make other things. He draws pictures of people and animals then cuts them out and uses them like action figures. This weekend, he made a house.

That's the back door with steps going down to the back yard. He even made a little car that you can park in the garage. Here it is parked out in front of the front door.

The doors all open and close. Like the back door.

And the front door.

Once you open the front door, you can see the stairs up to the second level.

The living room takes up most of the front of the house.

It has a couch and a coffee table. And a big television.

The bedroom is in the back of the first floor.

At the top of the stairs is the kitchen. It must be a bachelor pad as the only two appliances are a fridge and a microwave.

The two doors upstairs lead to an office (left) and the bathroom (right). There is a computer desk and an office chair in the office. The bathroom has everything you could ever want: toilet, sink, and a bathtub.

Christian purposely did not make a roof so that his sister could use it as a doll house. That kid blows me away with his creativity and unexpected moments of generosity.

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