April foolery

Show of hands: who has engaged in some practical jokes today? Any on the receiving end?

Then there's my son. I'm not sure he understands how to do April Fool's pranks. That isn't for a lack of trying. He has embraced this holiday with manic exuberance. His error is more in application. He thinks his jokes are hilarious, and in a way they are. I am just not convinced anyone is falling victim to these pranks other than himself. For example, this is what he looked like when I picked him up this afternoon.

"What is that on your face?" I asked.
He answered, "It's a tattoo."
"I see that, but why?"
"Because it's April Fool's Day."

My son is convinced that applying a temporary tattoo to his forehead is the most eloquent practical joke ever implemented. That was not the only trick up his sleeve. He also spent the day walking around with his shoes untied. His reasoning? If anyone pointed out his untied shoelaces, he would tell them "I know. APRIL FOOLS!" Then at lunch, he told me that he was going to ignore any attention I gave him, unless I was pranking him.

Even now, with him huddled over the dining room table doing homework, I am chuckling as I type these words. As a concept, he gets it. In practice, he is the butt of his own jokes. Perhaps that is the mark of true comedic genius.

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