Kootenai crazy

Do you ever experience days where it feels like the world around you is losing its tenuous grip on sanity? That sense of madness is the best way to describe North Idaho today - particularly in Kootenai County.

Please do not misunderstand me. I living here. I am looking forward to attending another Car d'Lane (and hopefully it isn't raining this year), another year downtown for the fireworks show, returning to Art on the Green and the North Idaho Fair and Rodeo. I consider myself lucky to reside somewhere where I can take the kids hiking or swimming and return home in time for lunch. The sounds of baseball filtered into my apartment from the fields next door is strangely calming, as are the thunderstorms that roll through late in the spring season. The typically snow-filled winters are a fulfillment of all of my childhood dreams.

That being said, today is not the day to display hometown pride. At the very least, it is the kind of day where you want to avoid reading or watching the news.

The day begans with the Department of Health and Welfare reeling from last week's actions in the state legislature that effectively dismantles Idaho's ability to collect child support. But that was last week. Allow me to break down the events from the past 24 hours.

* Police were searching for a suspect after last night's shooting at a Hauser bar, eventually catching him midday.
* Another search stemmed from a home-invasion robbery this morning. Police eventually arrested three suspects in Hayden.
* A large, bald, and suicidal male with multiple warrants is the subject of yet another manhunt, causing lock-downs at a couple of Coeur d'Alene schools.
* A naked woman on LSD was spotted at a busy intersection in Post Falls.

I stopped paying attention after that.

This is North Idaho. A land of beautiful scenery. A wonderful place to live. Filled with more than our fair share of nutters. Consider it job security for municipal and county police forces.

photo courtesy of The Spokesman-Review

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